Google Scholar Citations

Dynamic crosslinking of the actin cytoskeleton governs cell mechanics
Loïc Chaubet, Hossein K. Heris, Allen J. Ehrlicher, Adam G. Hendricks
July 2020 Molecular Biology of the Cell

MAP7 regulates organelle transport by recruiting kinesin-1 to microtubules
Abdullah R. Chaudhary, Hailong Lu, Elena B. Krementsova, Carol S. Bookwalter, Kathleen M. Trybus, Adam G. Hendricks
May 2019 Journal of Biological Chemistry

Endocytosis caused by liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins
Louis-Philippe Bergeron-Sandoval, Hossein Khadivi Heris, Catherine Chang, Caitlin E. Cornell, Sarah L. Keller, Adam G. Hendricks, Allen J. Ehrlicher, Paul François, Rohit V. Pappu, Stephen W. Michnick
December 2018 bioRxiv

Low Efficiency Spotted in a Molecular Motor
Adam G. Hendricks
November 2018 Physics

Traffic control inside the cell: microtubule-based regulation of cargo transport
Linda Balabanian, Abdullah R. Chaudhary, Adam G. Hendricks
April 2018 The Biochemist

Tau directs intracellular trafficking by regulating the forces exerted by kinesin and dynein teams
Abdullah R. Chaudhary, Florian Berger, Christopher L. Berger, Adam G. Hendricks
October 2017 Traffic

Acetylated Microtubules Are Preferentially Bundled Leading to Enhanced Kinesin-1 Motility
Linda Balabanian, Christopher L. Berger, Adam G. Hendricks
October 2017 Biophysical Journal

Local inhibition of microtubule dynamics by dynein is required for neuronal cargo distribution
Shaul Yogev, Celine I. Maeder, Roshni Cooper, Mark Horowitz, Adam G. Hendricks, Kang Shen
April 2017 Nature Communications

Measuring Molecular Forces Using Calibrated Optical Tweezers in Living Cells
Adam G. Hendricks, Yale E. Goldman
November 2016 Methods in Molecular Biology (Optical Tweezers)

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